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Dykem Steel Red Layout

Dykem Steel Red Layout Fluid provides a uniform deep colour that prevents glare and eye strain.

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Machine Shop operators depend on Dykem Steel Red Layout Fluids to scribe, clear and precise lines. When applied, Dykem Layout Fluids provide a uniform deep blue colour that prevents glare and dries in minutes. All Dykem Layout Fluids create an extremely thin film which adds practically no thickness to the work piece and remain flexible without cracking and chipping.


Toulene Free
Provides a thin red film without cracking or chipping
Dries in minutes
Prevents glare with a uniform deep colour


$200 Minimum on all orders unless otherwise approved by MNS aviation.

Quote is valid for 30 days. All quotes are subject to prior sales



16oz Aerosol, 4oz Brush Can, 8oz Brush Can, 930ml Bottle

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