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PPG PR1735 Adhesion Promoter 50ml Bottle

PPG PR-1735 is a one-part adhesion promoter for use on metals, glass and solvent resistant coatings to promote the adhesion of Viton* sealants. PR-1735 contains a solvent and a surface activator agent.

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Apply PR-1735 to solvent cleaned surfaces in one thin film with a clean brush or lint-free cloth. Allow 30 minutes for the adhesion promoter to activate. At low ambient temperatures and in low humidity conditions allow up to 60 minutes. If the sealant is not applied within 4 hours this procedure should be repeated.

Chemistry – Silane & Metal Oxides in Methanol
Approved by – Saab


  • PPG PR1735
  • Adhesion Promoter
  • 50ml Bottle
  • *SAAB STD 174138 Issue 9 4138-70


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